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China Harbour Supports Natalie Neita Headley Sports League Awards
December 30, 2014

“I want to thank China Harbour for providing employment for young people not only in this community but for others that have been given work on the North South Highway. All our young people need is the opportunity and the chance to prove themselves,” such words of inspiration were shared by Hon. Natalie Neita Headley, Minister with Responsibility for Sports at the seventh staging of the Natalie Neita Headley Sports League Awards Ceremony. The function was held at the Knollis Community Centre in Bog Walk on Saturday, December 13.
China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) Americas had contributed 50 footballs to the tune of $200,000 to the North Central St. Catherine Sports League. This presentation was made during Saturday’s function.

“Football is one of the most-favored sports among the young and old alike.  The Natalie Neita Headley Sports League has provided an engaging platform for fitness, entertainment, interaction, communication and fair play. CHEC is honored to be a part of this process and we encourage all players to continue to strive for excellence and we sincerely hope that China Harbour can continue to play a positive role in sustaining and developing the Natalie Neita Headly Sports League,” remarked Xingu Du, Engineering Manager for the Jamaica North South Highway Project Management Unit.

Minister Neita Headley further stated that $10 million was spent to develop the football field in the Knollis Community. The Minister further shared that she hopes a team from her constituency will be able to play at the National Premier League Football Competition and to be as good “as any Waterhouse FC, Mobay United or Portmore FC,” especially given the recent upgrade of facilities throughout the North Central St. Catherine communities.

The Natalie Neita Headley Sports League Awards Ceremony was well attended with Dr. Joyce Graham-Royal, the Principal of G.C. Foster serving as the guest speaker. Greetings were also given by Moveta Munroe, CDF Director; Milton Morrison President of the St. Catherine Netball Association; Milholland Barker, President of the St. Catherine Cricket Association; Patrick Anderson, 2nd Vice Chairman of the St. Catherine Football Referee Group among others.

A number of awards and medals were presented at the event for three main categories namely, Netball, Football and Cricket. The winners for North Central St. Catherine Sports League Finals are as follows: for Netball, Deeside copped the top prize. Coolie Lane came first in the Football Category and Bog Walk was the top team in Cricket.