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November 10, 2014

Upon entering the Charlemont High School compound a few months ago, one would see a huge sunken area along the drive way that could be considered wasted land for the rapidly expanding student compliment.

A plea for assistance to fill this shallow valley was sent to China Harbour’s section 1B construction site office and in response CHEC has since provided equipment, building materials and the subsequent manpower all valued at approx. $2.7 million.
China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) began its enhancement of the school compound over the summer while the children were on holiday. The company arranged for the work to be done by CHEC employees and within a matter of days, bulldozers and other machinery were on the school’s premises to begin the initial preparations for the overhauling of the school’s grounds.

The agreement to assist with Phase I of the project saw the completion of a large landfill consisting of 4,520m3 of soil (fill material) transported through the use of 226 truckloads across a 10km distance.  This area was compacted and leveled in preparation for Phase II of the project consisting of the laying of asphalt, landscaping and beautification.

In a ceremony with all students in attendance, Charlemont’s Principal, Mr. William Willis, alongside Counselor Sydney Rose, thanked China Harbour for their assistance and presented the company with a Certificate of Appreciation.

In response, Deputy Construction Manager of Section 1B of the North South Highway Project, Mr. YongPing Man, said that his company was happy to participate in any infrastructure work in Jamaica as quoted, “We are pleased to have been able to help Charlemont High in its construction efforts to develop the school. This is a joint attempt to build a better Jamaica and for those who are interested, we extend our welcome for your students to study in China when they are ready for the University level.” The official handover ceremony took place on October 27th at Charlemont High in St. Catherine.