About CHEC Latin America & the Caribbean

China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC) is a well known, international contractor and the overseas operating division of China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC). Over the past thirty (30) years of operation CHEC has spread its business activities to more than 70 countries undertaking 10 billion USD worth of projects.

CCCC was ranked number one among the Chinese enterprises in Engineering News Record in 2008 in terms of revenue from overseas projects and 11th in the list of the world’s top 225 international contractors in 2011.

The core business of CHEC is the basic infrastructure construction of roads and bridges, ports, airports, railways and complete plants and the provision of their expertise in areas of marine engineering, dredging and land reclamation.

The company has been granted 160 awards for its signature projects and among these outstanding achievements CHEC is also credited for the design and construction of the two longest sea crossing bridges in the world, namely the Hangzhou Bay Bridge [36 KM long] and the Shanghai Donghai Bridge [32.5 KM long], both in China.

CHEC for over 30 years has built 90% of the large and medium sized ports and container terminals in China which ultimately is to be acknowledged as a contributing factor for the company being ranked as the second largest marine engineering company in the world while CCCC is recognized as the largest crane manufacturer in the world.

Next to business expansion and improvement, CHEC also upholds a sense of social responsibility. Public welfare efforts are as important to CHEC as its commercial activities and the company continues to contribute to worthwhile causes in the communities and countries where they are undertaking projects. 


CHEC Latin began operations in the region in 2002 with its first regional project in Panama. Since then CHEC Latin has expanded operations by opening offices in Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas, Venezuela, and Columbia. The company has been providing engineering expertise in the areas of design and construction of ports and roads and bridges and marine dredging, to the region.


CHEC opened its Jamaican offices officially on April 22, 2010 after signing an agreement with the Jamaican government in 2009 to be the General Contractor, under the Ministry of Transportation and Works, for two main projects being The Palisadoes Shoreline Protection and Rehabilitation Works (US$65.5 million) and the all island Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme (US$400 million), the largest combined road works project in the country’s history. Three major works under this programme included the Christiana Development Road and the Rio Grande Bridge which have been successfully completed within time and budget and the Westmoreland Bridge which is still under construction.

The Jamaican government, having gained faith in China Harbour as a reliable and trustworthy company to collaborate with, signed a new agreement on July 22nd, 2012, valued at to US$730 million dollars, for the construction of the 68 kilometre, four lane,  North-South Highway linking the Jamaican capital Kingston to the country’s North Coast tourism centre.

Following CHEC’s considerable investment in Jamaica, The Jamaica Regional Management Centre was established to serve as a strategic location for the unified management of the regional offices and to facilitate expansion of operations elsewhere in Latin America and the Caribbean. “We will be actively pursuing business development in the region with the market as the focus, technology as the core and efficiency as the guiding hallmark of our service delivery,” states Zhongdong Tang, CHEC Regional Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean. The company has since managed to engage most governments throughout the Caribbean in fruitful discussions, signing Memorandums of Understanding with some.  


Investment in infrastructure development is the main thrust of China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC). Such investments support sustained economic growth, job creation and income generation which are required for improved living standards. The company is committed to applying its vast engineering experience (acquired from undertaking major landmark projects globally) to the development process in the region. CHEC’s offering of robust financial backing combined with world class engineering skills for large scale infrastructure development is an attractive proposal for any government that seeks growth capacity.

CHEC’s investment financing and development models include:

  •       Competition bids
  •       Government to Government cooperation (including low interest loans)
  •        Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) arrangements
  •        Public Private Partnership.

With a flexible service model, the company provides tailored solutions covering feasibility studies and finance, through to construction, maintenance and operation. CHEC maintains a highly resourceful team that can adapt to the special needs of our clients and deliver maximum value within a rapidly changing global industry.

CHEC is writing a new chapter of development financing that spans the globe including Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. The company’s mode of development financing seeks to satisfy basic and developmental infrastructure needs in the countries in which the company operates while providing fair profitable returns for CHEC thus ensuring a win-win solution for the company and its clients.

Facing new challenges and opportunities, CHEC and CCCC remain committed to the scientific outlook on development and take an innovative and pragmatic approach to collaborating with partners around the world.  The company is committed to creditability, quality and superiority.